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Added by Jhon in Fortnite Skins


Hey Guys!

In today's video I will show you how to get any skin in fortnite for free! You can get the galaxy skin free, skull trooper skin for free! This is working on xbox, ps4, pc, nintendo switch, ios & android as of September 2018! In the video as you can see I got the galaxy skin completely for free :)

#fortnite #freefortniteskins #galaxy

This method is 100% free and working as of 2018. This is the best way to get a fortnite skull trooper skin and a fortnite galaxy skin! This is a working and legal method to get any fortnite skin for free! Completely free. Get skins for free!
This is 100% guarenteed! This is how to get free skins in fortnite! Get any fortnite skin free!
I will show you how to:
How to get any skin free!
How to get any fortnite skin free!
Galaxy Skin Free!
how to get free skins!
how to get the skull trooper free!
how to get free skins in fortnite!

The FORTNITE GALAXY SKIN is quite something. Everyone wants to play the game as that mystical long-haired man seemingly made out of the very fabric of space itself. The trouble is, it’s only available for those playing on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Or is it? Is there a way to get hold of the FORTNITE Galaxy Skin without owning a Samsung Note 9? There just might be. We’ll tell you all there is to know about getting the FORTNITE GALAXY SKIN WITHOUT SAMSUNG Note 9.

How to Get the Fortnite Galaxy Skin Without Samsung Note 9
Getting your hands on the Fortnite Galaxy Skin without owning the Note 9 or Tab 4 couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is head into a store with either device on display. To tell you the truth, the method is a tad, err, sneaky and doesn’t come recommended. Simply go into the shop, pick up either a Note 9 or Tab 4 and then find and download Fortnite. Once downloaded, simply log in and claim your free Galaxy skin. It’s not recommended, however. You may get kicked out of the store, or worse…

Some stores have even been putting up notices from the management. Stores really don’t want us to download Fortnite onto their display models:

Of course, there is another way to download the Galaxy skin without owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. If you’ve read carefully enough up to this point, you will have noticed that I’ve also mentioned the Samsung Tab 4. That’s right, you can get a Galaxy skin by downloading and playing Fortnite on the Samsung Tab 4. That’s far more honorable than the cheeky method mentioned above, now, isn’t it? To claim your Galaxy skin all you need to do is log in to Fortnite on either a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or a Tab 4. Simple enough, really.

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