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Teaming as the Fortnite NINJA SKIN...

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Teaming as the Fortnite NINJA SKIN...
Teaming as the NINJA MEME SKIN...
Fortnite ANTI-NINJA Skin MEMES...
Fortnite Ninja Skin

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This is a take on a Fortnite Default Army Season X but the NoahsNoah Default Army in Fortnite Season X is EPIC with pickaxes trying to kill me. Defaults. The Default Army is like some ones I've done before basically copying NoahsNoah season x with noobs and defaults.

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#OSRC #Driftweek #DOOGANG #usecodeceedayy #Defaults #GeForceNow #NoahsNoah #Ceeday #Season9 #77Clan #Fortnite

Default Army:

Rap Video:

Raptor Skin Video:


Fortnite ANTI-NINJA Skin MEMES...
Trolling Squads Fill:

Default Trolling:

Sweating in Arena:

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